Price: $20 


100% Sugarcane Paper

Made by a Human BEING

Made with LOVE


I'm a recovering breath holder. It was the pretty unhealthy way I decided to handle uncomfortable situations, and anxiety since I was a kid and I didnt know I was doing it until many years later. I had embodied a practice that was not serving me. In an effort to stop doing this, I would put little notes that said breathe everywhere around my home as a reminder. Each time I noticed the note, I  would inhale and exhale slowly. Why not put it on a journal I thought. And here we are. 


Size: 5-½” x 8-½” with 120pages


The Covers: Handmade  with book cloth and pressed with vinyl


Our Filler Paper: All our filler paper no matter what style you choose from is 100% Sugarcane Paper. Choose from Lined, Dotted, Graphed, and Blank Paper or a Planner Insert. 


The Spine: 3:1 Pinch Bronze Wire 






Filler Paper