Our experiences are what we used to navigate the world. Regardless if they are ones we choose or ones we are given, our experiences build the language we used to communicate with those around us. In Sharea Harris' debut collection of poetry, Dictionary, we are given an intimate account of the vocabulary that shapes a black woman from the American south. Navigating experiences of abuse, racism, abortion, and love we learn the language of one woman's identity; we learn what it means to survive. Through visual expression, various poetic forms, and play we see Sharea mold her identity and observe what it takes to rebuild who she is and birth who she wants to become. Dictionary is an artifact that looks at identity, it's evolution, and the experiences that shape it.

"Harris illustrates not only how insightful but also how gifted she is in its poetic vision, poignant thematic images, expressive designs and conceptual framing. Truly it says that Ms. Sharea Harris is entering the literary lexicon ablaze on her own terms."
-Professor Diedra L. Badejo, Ph.D.

This is the artifact version of this collection. The artifact version of dic tion ary, contains three collages; a thematic index; annotated bibliography and other conceptual features. 

Dictionary by Sherea Harris

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