Black Entrepreneurship: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself When Prioritizing

In my previous article I spoke briefly about the Can/Need/ Should method I use when prioritizing task for my business. Because you might be starting out with a tight budget, it's important that you become a master at prioritizing. Knowing what to do first can save you time and money and put you on the right track towards rapid success. These three questions will not only assist you when you're starting out, but It's a method you can use at any stage of your career.

So get your notebook out and start asking yourself these three questions when observing each individual task on your list.

1.) Can I do it now?

Do you have the time, money, and ability to carry out the task at hand? If not now, when will you be able to carry it out?

*Being real about where you stand now can help you determine what you'll be able to do and what you'll simply have to do later.

2.) Do I Need to Do it?

How necessary is the task? Does it prohibit you from being able to carry out other task on your list?

3.) When Should I Do it?

Is it in your best interest to carry out the task first? Is this task something that should be executed now or in the near future?

How you answered these three questions will determine what requires your immediate attention and what does not. Once you're clear on your answers let it be a guide for prioritizing each task. I use four labelling categories.

Priority Labeling Categories

1.) TOP PRIORITY- This task will be completed first

2.) SECONDARY PRIORITY- this task will come after all the top priority ranked task

3.) THIRD CLASS PRIORITY- this task will be completed when there is extra time

4.) SCHEDULED PRIOTIY- this task must be scheduled and worked towards over time. *all items can be scheduled but some have to be scheduled depending on what you can/should do.

Here's how I label each task based on my answers...

Can/Need/Should = Top Priority

Can/Need = Second Priority / Scheduled Priority

Can/Should = Third Class Priority

Can = Third Class Priority

Need/Should = Scheduled Priority

Need= Scheduled Priority


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