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A paraphrasing of Maya Angelos Quote, " I am the hope and the dream of the slave."


I want to create and experience the moments and opportunities  my ancestors dreamt of. I want to manifest the things they never saw as possible and found hard to believe due to practicality and unimaginable circumstances. I want to manifest the greatest emotional, mental, financial, physical, cultural, political, spiritural awakening and triumph that my minds eye could muster up for my people. I want a community of creators to add to that vision. And it all starts with writing it down. 




100% Sugarcane Paper

Made by a Human BEING

Made with LOVE


Pick from your choice of our 5-½” x 8-½” Large Hardcover Journal with 120 pages or our 4-¼” x 5-½”Mini Journal with 120 pages.


The Cover: Each cover is made with American made, 100% recycled FSC certified chipboard. It’s matte, uncoated finish enhances the natural texture. Each cover is laser cut by us at a local maker space in Baltimore, MD.


The Background: Personalize your cover by choosing from six different background colors made with Acid Free Cardstock.


Our Filler Paper: All our filler paper no matter what style you choose from is 100% Sugarcane Paper. Choose from Lined, Dotted, Graphed, and Blank Paper or a Planner Insert. 


The Spine: 3:1 Pinch Bronze Wire 

My Ancestors' Wildest Dreams (Hardcover)

Backgroud Color
Filler Paper