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You do know what bullet journaling is right...? It's basically journal porn... Okay... Let me explain... We, who love order, droll over the sight of creative ways to manage time, expenses, experiences, and just about anything else that can help us see life more clearly. Patterns are a tasty since of comfort for us who strive for organization or those of us who love writing things down and creating imagery for the purpose of keeping track of the facts, occurrences, and feelings that show up throughout our day. If you're a journal addict like myself, you're about to have an eye-gasm as I show you our pick of February's Top Ten Bullet Journals of Instagram. We select one winner who is able to customize there very own Drama MaMa Bookshop Journal. If you'd like to me considered for the upcoming months hashtag your bullet journal Instagram image #bujoawards.

10.) @nini.journal

When you need to see how your sleep might be effecting your work life or your work life is effecting your sleep...

9.) @Inksandcoffee

"Remember when you wanted what you currently have." Love the Bravery Challenge theme? Can't wait to see what the rest of this journal looks like throughout the year!

8.) @lacqueredworld

Absolutely love this doodle! Hope your February was just as fly as this heart!

7.) @breeeberry

Because I have such a crush on prioritizing. And because this is super duper cat lady cute.

6.) @plant.doodles

How awesome! Now I totally want a living room full of plants and plant art work. YOU'RE AWESOME!

5.) @agirlwithajournal

The entire universe is on these pages. So cool! I dont know what the words say, but i just know it's mystical!

4.) @sleepy.bujo

Love this personal planner. Super cute break down, and some times you just have to tell yourself to goddamn clean up!

3.) @bluenittany

Love the double page reviewing and planning choice. Reviewing your accomplishments and goals while devising a plan is a sure fire way to get the results you want in whatever you pursue.

2.) @handwritten.doodles

Super simple but the organization and clear thought is so heavenly on this page. Broad topics, but reminders of time management and bounders and this aim to chart is so RIGHT ON!

1.) @explorejournaling

Because this is the single most creative way to track your mood for the month of February. I TOTALLY LOVE THIS!

That was fun! Let's Do it again in March!

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